Lisbon aims to join the European cities club where 'school streets' have become a reality, Source: Depositphotos

Lisbon could introduce ‘school streets’ with no cars

Lisbon could introduce ‘school streets’ with no cars

Following the example set by other European cities, the Portuguese capital would aim to ensure greater safety for its pedestrian schoolkids

The Lisbon Municipal Assembly has approved a recommendation passed by two of its members from the Cidadãos Por Lisboa (CPL) movement to introduce the so-called ‘school streets’ on the territory of the capital. This concept has already been applied in other major European cities, such as Paris and Barcelona, as of last year.

A ‘school street’ is a secondary street that is located in the vicinity of an educational institution, and which has become completely pedestrianized in order to allow for the safe passage of pupils. School zones are especially sensitive since, during the weekdays, large groups of children tend to congregate there, which increases the risks of incidents when motorized traffic is also present.

Cars and children do not mix

For now, the Lisbon Municipal Assembly has requested the administration led by mayor Carlos Moedas to study the possibility of pedestrianizing such streets in Lisbon as pilot projects, which would be implemented in the next school year.

Daniela Serralha, one of the municipal representatives behind the proposal, was not surprised by the approval of the recommendation presented by Cidadãos Por Lisboa. She said she hopes that it will be taken up by the city council of Carlos Moedas. "If there is political will, a survey of schools can be carried out, even because the municipality has this data," said the municipal deputy to Diario de Noticias.

We have to see where it is possible to apply such solutions, as there will be schools where this will not be possible, even because of the traffic arteries that surround them. Then, it is necessary to study the solutions and create pilot projects," she added, reinforcing the importance of listening to the school boards in this process.



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