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Lithuania leaves 8-month lockdown behind

Lithuania leaves 8-month lockdown behind

Some restrictions, like wearing facemasks indoors, remain in place

Lithuania has lifted its nationwide lockdown that has been in force for close to 8 months. The quarantine was introduced on 7 November and was officially in force until midnight on 30 June, although many curbs had been phased out since.

No caps on social visits and customers 

So, from 1 July, restrictions no longer apply regarding visits between households or the number of customers allowed in shops and offices at one time, LRT reports, citing the Ministry of Health.

Also gone is the requirement for people to work from home whenever possible as well as all restrictions on in-school learning.

Facemasks mandatory indoors

However, a number of restrictions remain in place, such as mandatory wearing of facemasks in public indoor spaces (shopping malls, public transport, indoor common areas or workplace meetings). Facemasks will not be required outdoors, during participation in sports competitions and training, or when providing some specific services.

Catering establishments and entertainment venues will be able to operate without restrictions both outdoors and indoors. Nightclubs, gambling and betting venues will also be allowed to operate, but will have to comply with the social distancing protocol. There will be no limit on the number of people in saunas and swimming pools.

From now on, attendance at outdoor events will not be capped. Events can be organised for participants/spectators without an immunity pass but they will have to be seated. Restrictions on hospital and prison visits have also been lifted.

44 percent of Lithuanians jabbed at least once

Lithuania today reported 25 new coronavirus infections and one death from Covid-19 registered over the past 24 hours. According to the country's statistics office, 278,809 people have been infected since the start of the pandemic, 267,725 have recovered, and currently, there are 707 active cases. The death toll stands at 4,384.

Regarding the vaccination programme rollout, around 1.24 million people or 44.4 percent of Lithuania’s population have received at least one vaccine dose and nearly a million have been fully vaccinated.

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