Taikos ave. 3, Klaipeda, won for modern apartment building with Old Town spirit, Source: BETA

Lithuania’s Renovation Project of the Year 2021 winners announced

Lithuania’s Renovation Project of the Year 2021 winners announced

Apartment buildings in Klaipeda, Marijampolė and Šiauliai have been picked in public voting

The 2021 edition of the Renovation Project of the Year competition, initiated by Lithuania’s Housing Energy Saving Agency (BETA), is over. From 17 March until 12 April, the public had the opportunity to get acquainted with the 14 participating projects that have been completed in 2020 and vote for their favourites.

Three of the projects gathered most approval: renovated apartment buildings on Taikos ave. 3, Klaipeda, Draugystės str. 25A, Marijampolė and Stoties str. 14, Šiauliai.

“Despite the fact that we spent most of last year in lockdown, the renovation efforts did not stop and there was no shortage of good examples in this year's competition. Three winners were chosen during the public voting, but in fact, everyone who has renovated their apartment buildings is already a winner and their award is better living conditions, which we especially appreciate now that we spend a lot of time at home,” commented BETA director Valius Serbenta, quoted by Delfi.

And the winners are...

Modern apartment building with Old Town spirit

This nine-storey block of apartments on Taikos Ave. 3 in Klaipeda has been radically transformed both on the outside and the inside. As the building is located near the Old Town of Klaipeda, special attention was paid to its appearance in order to maintain the architectural integrity of the area. Gray and red clay stone tiles - colours typical of Klaipėda Old Town - were used for the front wall of the building which was also decorated with a playful ornament of Baltic symbolism.

After the renovation, the house reached energy efficiency class C. With the upgrade of the heating system, expenses have been reduced by more than 60 percent.

Apartment building using solar energy

Residents of the apartment building on Draugystės str. 25A in Marijampolė have been enjoying a warmer and more beautiful house for almost a year, as well as increased value of their real estate. After the renovation, the building reached energy efficiency class B. The house is equipped with a system of solar panels, which helps to save more than 50 percent of the energy required to heat water and thus significantly dampen the home's environmental impact.

A building with a century of history

The renovated apartment building located on Stoties Street 14 is one of the oldest buildings in Šiauliai. Erected in 1921, it initially housed the Birutė candy and chocolate factory, and after the Second World War was reconstructed into a residential building. 

Now, preserved architectural details of the facade are a testament to the building’s century-old history and the aesthetic image encourages more Šiauliai residents to consider renovating their home. Insulation of the building and modernization of the heating system reduced residents’ expenses by more than 40 percent.

"No doubt, the residents are happy with the benefits of apartment renovation, but this practice has a wider significance, as the renewed buildings change the face of the city. The winning projects exemplify how different architectural solutions can be used to revive a gray Soviet apartment building or preserve a unique cultural heritage,” says the director of BETA.



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