The project will cost 2.5 million euros , Source: Diana Macesnau / Unsplash

Lithuania to have a drone traffic management system next year

Lithuania to have a drone traffic management system next year

The Baltic country prepares to respond to rising air traffic and to futureproof the sector

Today, the Lithuanian air navigation provider Oro navigacija announced they will invest in the creation of the first drone navigation system in the country. As more and more people start using drones and skies over urban and rural areas are getting crowded and securing permits for air space can be a hassle. Oro navigacija promises to make that a lot easier by putting everything both hobbyists and service providers might need in one app. 

According to an official statement, Oro navigacija will invest 2.5 million euros in the project, with the launch date set for 2024. The company has claimed that navigation would make it easier for private operators to get airspace licensing easier. Furthermore, the company will also be able to guarantee safe access to the sky for emergency public services that want to implement drone technology.

Drone navigation and air service in the palm of your hand

Oro navigacija announced their new contract with Austria’s Frequentis to deploy the U-Space system, which will provide information and other services to drone pilots via a mobile app. Some of these include general information, flight confirmation, traffic information and more.

The application will also offer data on the weather conditions, see other drone users, reserve a flight zone and reduce dangers in crowded airspace. The implementation of a unified drone flight navigation provider would make planning flights easier and getting required permits quicker.

Additionally, the development is expected to help public services, large companies and public institutions to carve out an appropriate corner of the airspace, as more and more opt for modern drone services.

Saulius Batavičius, Oro navigacija's CEO, was quoted in a press statement by the company, explaining that the number of drones over Lithuania’s skies will only rise – whether hobbyists or official services. This, he argued, is why having a unified system to manage flights in real-time is so important. 



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