E-vehicle reimbursement scheme in Lithuania, Source: APVA

Lithuanians scrap old cars for green vehicle bargains

Lithuanians scrap old cars for green vehicle bargains

The government has allocated EUR 3 million to compensate polluting car owners who opt for eco-friendly means of transport

Acting on a proposal of the Ministry of Environment, the Lithuanian government has allocated extra EUR 3 million to reimburse people who destroy an old and polluting car for a choice of a more environmentally friendly means of transport. The latter includes the purchase of an electric scooter, electric or ordinary bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric moped or annual public transport ticket.

This scheme under the Climate Change Programme aims to encourage owners to abandon their polluting cars and buy a greener means of transport through compensatory payments. The larger goal is to reduce the number of polluting cars in Lithuania, improve air quality and contribute to climate change mitigation. 

The programme was launched in mid-May and quickly attracted a lot of public interest. Yesterday, the Environmental Projects Management Agency (APVA) launched a fresh call for applications for compensatory payments. Residents will be able to submit applications through the agency’s APVIS information system until the additional funds run out, but not later than 1 February, 2021.

The amount of compensation is calculated on the basis of the costs actually incurred, up to the maximum amounts set for the measure which cannot exceed EUR 1 000. 

Reimbursement by category:

  • Up to EUR 310 for an annual public transport ticket of Vilnius city;
  • Up to EUR 275 for an annual ticket of Kaunas city;
  • Up to EUR 260 for an annual ticket of Klaipeda city;
  • Up to EUR 1000 for an electric (class L1e) moped or (class L3e) electric motorcycle;
  • Up to EUR 700 for electric bicycle;
  • Up to EUR 400 for a normal bicycle or electric scooter.



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