Ljubljana library members can now order and pick their books and other materials from the local parcel locker, Source: Ljubljana Municipality / MKL

Ljubljana City Library turns to using parcel lockers

Ljubljana City Library turns to using parcel lockers

Part of an ongoing trend among these institutions to increase convenience for users

The Ljubljana City Library announced today that it has made it even easier for its users to borrow high-quality materials with the help of a local parcel locker delivery service. The public institution has decided to turn to what has become an increasingly modern service and one largely used in the sphere of online shopping.

As of this month, library members can pick up ordered or reserved material via packages, at five locations in the Slovenian capital. The materials which can be ordered include books, movies, games and music.

In line with the digitalization efforts of the library

Users can order the collection of the reserved material in the form of a parcel if they select the collection point "package" option when booking the material in the Cobiss+ or mCobiss library catalogue. They can also arrange a pick-up point for the package when booking the material by phone.

The library member will then receive a notification on the mobile phone number that the ordered material is ready for collection. Upon notification, he also receives a digital audio code for opening the package. 

The parcel locker door is opened by calling the number received in an SMS message or with the Direct4me application (Android or iOS). Reserved or ordered material in the package locker will stay for 72 hours (three days) after the moment the SMS notification has been sent.

For the time being, however, the packages are not yet intended for the return of material, so users will still have to return the borrowed items to the nearest library.

The library material is also available to users of the Jurij Vega Library in Dol near Ljubljana, in front of the new administrative building, to which the said institution is moving later this year.



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