Ljubljana can boast the EBD label all year long, but also bask in the pride of coming out on top of the list, Source: European Best Destinations

Ljubljana is Europe’s Best Destination for 2022

Ljubljana is Europe’s Best Destination for 2022

19 other European cities can also carry the exclusive badge, which will help them with tourism promotion

This week, Europe’s most visited website dedicated to tourism, European Best Destinations, released its ranking of the top 20 trendiest and safest places on the Old Continent to consider for a getaway. The overall winner of the list is Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, which attracted most of the votes.

Getting a spot in the ranking is a big deal for the highlighted cities and regions because it is based on popular opinion. Over half a million travellers from 182 countries took part in the voting process selecting the top 20 European destinations from a pool of 400.

The winning contenders of the much coveted “Best European Destinations 2022” title will be promoted throughout the year to millions of travelers — and will be authorized to display the label of "European Best Destination" in their marketing campaigns.

Ljubljana is having a strong year

As many as 92% of all votes intended for Ljubljana came from other countries, which proves the exceptional international attractiveness of our city. With this, Ljubljana set a unique record in the entire history of the competition. Since 2009, when the first ranking was published, no country has won with such a large share of votes outside its borders. 

It turns out that the Slovenian capital is something of a hidden gem, a small city with a lot to show for itself. Apart from the historical and cultural treasures that one has come to expect from European cities to offer on display for their visitors, the city is keen on making a difference in the present times, too.

Ljubljana is not only an attractive destination for travellers. As pointed out by European Best Destinations, in order to understand its green miracle, it is also visited by entire delegations of mayors, environmental advisers and urban planners. We remind our readers that in a recent ranking of all European capitals, the city placed third in terms of total green infrastructure.

The other destinations worth visiting in 2022

Participants submitted their entries online between 20 January and 10 February. Fifty-six percent of them hailed from within Europe, while 44% were from outside the continent.

The competition, like the rest of the website’s thematic rankings compiled throughout the year, has historically bolstered real-life tourism in the winning locales, resulting in an average tourism growth of more than 15 percent in the promoted destinations. That means - it’s a ranking with real and proven impact!

These are 2022’s most-coveted European destinations, as voted by EBD’s audience:

  1. Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  2. Marbella (Spain)
  3. Amiens (France)
  4. Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
  5. Leuven (Belgium)
  6. Oradea (Romania)
  7. London (UK)
  8. Nijmegen (Netherlands)
  9. Lahti Region (Finland)
  10. Istanbul (Turkey)
  11. Amalfi Coast (Italy)
  12. Prague (Czechia)
  13. Rome (Italy)
  14. Bavaria (Germany)
  15. Athens (Greece)
  16. Clonakilty (Ireland)
  17. Vienna (Austria)
  18. Lucerne (Switzerland)
  19. Graz (Austria)
  20. Crete (Greece)

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