Ljubljana and Bolt have partnered to cut aggressive e-scooter riding, Source: Depositphotos

Ljubljana sets Europe’s (possibly) lowest e-scooter speed limit

Ljubljana sets Europe’s (possibly) lowest e-scooter speed limit

Once those two-wheelers get into the city’s pedestrian zone, they won’t go above 5 km/h

The Ljubljana City Council and Bolt, a micromobility operator, have signed an agreement to lower the driving speed of e-scooters in the city. More specifically, this applies to the pedestrian zone of the Slovenian capital, where it has been deemed necessary to increase safety in light of the booming numbers of road accidents caused by the electric devices.

According to the new agreement, once the e-scooters enter the pedestrian zone their speed will be automatically capped at 5 km/h. Speaking about this, Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovic pointed out that he supports the spread of sustainable mobility in his city, as long as it is not at the expense of pedestrian safety.

Equal to the average human walking speed

According to the agreement, the speed of the electric scooters will be reduced to five kilometres per hour when the user enters the Ljubljana pedestrian zone. Bolt's representative Matej Černe assured that the company has already adjusted the speed of scooters in Ljubljana's pedestrian zone, and expressed his satisfaction with the signed agreement.

The speed limit of 5 km/h is interesting because this is also the average human walking speed. Essentially, that will turn e-scooters into proper participants in the pedestrian zone. Their riders will not be able to compete with or endanger the walkers.

Perhaps, this will take some of the adrenaline rush from riding an e-scooter. But it is also that same rush that is perceptibly the cause of many incidents, as well.

The automatic and smart limiting of traffic speed is a good example of how technology can directly contribute to saving lives and preventing injuries. The 5 km/h-limit will also possibly make Ljubljana the European city with the most restrictive policy on e-scooter speed. Even more so than Rome’s 6 km/h limit – also applicable in pedestrian areas.

The maximum permitted speeds for e-scooters in Europe range between 20 and 25 km/h.

The agreement between the city administration and Bolt also stipulates that the company will prepare a list of potential parking spots where users could leave the electric scooters after using them. When the rental service was introduced, there were warnings from citizens that users leave their electric scooters on the sidewalks, green areas, and bike lanes after riding, thus hindering pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

The new parking spots will be free until the end of the year, after which they will cost a nominal fee.



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