The future Volvo buses of Lodz will be protected against viruses and bacteria, Source: City of Lodz

Lodz with electric and virus-proof buses from next year

Lodz with electric and virus-proof buses from next year

Seats resistant to viruses and bacteria will protect passengers in the Polish city

Lodz will equip part of its buses with special anti-viral fabric in 2022. The Polish city announced its plans to put into operation a total of 17 electric vehicles with seats resistant to viruses and bacteria on its website in April. The operation will start in the first quarter of the year.

For this purpose, they will use material made by the English company Camira which has a decades-long tradition in the London Underground. The material had been tested against the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, which is similar to COVID-19 in a way. Lodz claims to be the first city in the world to purchase this protective fabric.

Making public transportation safe during pandemics

For its newest purchase of electric Volvo buses, the public transport operator MPK Lodz will also be using a fabric protected with a special anti-virus coating. It will destroy bacteria and viruses so that the threat to passengers is reduced.

This product attracts, attacks and ultimately destroys the virus. This is possible thanks to the combination of silver technology and liposomes.

Camira StaySafe is the name of the advanced fabric that reduces the potential for transmission of viruses inside buses. Its operation has been confirmed by AATCC 147 and ISO 18184 certificates for H1N1.

The product was chosen because H1N1 has a similar mode of action to SARSCoV-2 (the novel coronavirus). The use of this technology means that viruses and bacteria that settle on the upholstery are destroyed. The seat, therefore, will not act as a potential transmission source. 

The producer gives a five-year warranty and ensures that passengers will not notice any difference, as the fabric will look the same as before. Camira has a proven track record in the London Underground and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of textiles for mass transit and office furniture.



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