'Listen to your playline' on TMB, Source: Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Log on, tune in and peace out on a Barcelona metro ride

Log on, tune in and peace out on a Barcelona metro ride

TMB and Spotify have teamed up to fight commuters’ boredom

Earlier this week, we reported on the new ‘Sst!’ campaign taken up by the public transport operator TMB in Barcelona that encourages silence in order to lessen Covid-19 infections while commuting. Naturally, no one likes to be shushed and limited in their communication so the municipal company has decided to make up for the increased boredom that passengers might feel by offering them the chance to listen to specially selected music playlists on Spotify.

The decision to venture out into this popular platform, which is also a social media channel, was actually already made earlier this year and the service has been available since the beginning of February. With the promotion of the new silencing campaign, however, it was deemed fitting to remind commuters that silence is actually a great opportunity to explore some new music and have an inner party.

A playlist for 8 of the subway lines

The initial drive behind the creation of a Spotify account (you can follow it on tmb_barcelona) was the desire to help the transport operator become more relatable to younger people and help connect with them through the social media channels that they favour. It is also a way to bring culture and allow introspective and personal privacy time while travelling what can often be long distances on the subway or bus.

With the new decision to encourage the avoiding of unnecessary conversations on the board of buses and trains, now there is also a practical component to the Spotify service as people need to direct their attention somewhere.

Under the motto ‘Listen to your playline’, TMB offers separate, and regularly updated, music lists named after 8 of the subway lines, creating in this way an audio brand and personality to each of them, as well.

Each playlist counts with between 40 and 50 tracks and themes for the playlists are as follows: L1 is rumba and flamenco, L2 offers intercity and reggaeton tunes, L3 – classical music and opera, L4 is for indie music, L5 features jazz, soul and blues, L9 focuses on pop music, L10 on rock and L11 is for reggae.

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