Logroño will support end-of-season sales in its own way

Logroño will support end-of-season sales in its own way

A digital platform has been set up to promote the retailers and their discounts

The beginning of March is traditionally the time for end-of-season liquidation sales offered by the retailers of the Spanish city of Logroño to the local shoppers eager to catch a good deal. A commercial tradition and a special event had sprung up around this phenomenon during the past 20 years, under the name ‘Logrostock’. This event involved merchants bringing their products to special stands in the El Espolon Park creating a sort of a temporary outdoors mall where customers could rummage around and shop.

This year, however, such crowding is to be avoided for now-obvious reasons. That is why the city officials have informed the public that the discount festival (now called ‘Ñ Stock´ and taking places 27 February – 6 March) will take a different form. That would mean that retailers will not leave their establishments and the city will take an active part in promoting their sales offers through a dedicated website and also on social media channels.

Part of the Riojan capital’s efforts to revive the local economy

In Spain, these kinds of liquidation sales festivals are called ferias de oportunidades or opportunity fairs, attesting to the idea that this is one’s opportunity to find special bargains. Already 273 shops from 15 different sectors have expressed a desire to participate. They will also have a sign on their storefronts indicating that they are part of this campaign.

"Supporting the retail trade of Logroño is a fundamental objective and for which we want, we are firmly committed, not only to the commitment to create a city and wealth for our citizens but also because behind all these projects there is a lot of effort, a lot of enthusiasm deposited and great personal dreams that we do not want to be truncated after this exceptional situation that we are experiencing with COVID-19,” explained Esmeralda Campos, Councilor for the Economy, Finance and Trade.

Logroño Punto Comercio, an association of the local retail merchants, will organize an advertising campaign through its social media channels, as well as through traditional means, such as billboards. Additionally, it will host a raffle of 50 vouchers, worth 10 euros each that can be used for online sales.

Shoppers can already consult the participating stores and the promotions they have on their surplus stocks on

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