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Luxembourg and Portugal to develop a hydrogen corridor

Luxembourg and Portugal to develop a hydrogen corridor

Portugal is growing its renewable energy sector and will soon have a large hydrogen electrolyser in the port of Sines

On 29 May, Luxembourg signed a declaration of cooperation with Portugal to develop a renewable hydrogen corridor between the two countries. According to an official statement from the Grand Duchy’s government, Portugal is shaping up to be a renewable energy leader in the EU, especially when it comes to hydrogen.

Consequently, this would help Portugal export its newly developed hydrogen capacities to the Benelux region. According to officials, the new hydrogen corridor could connect the ports of Sines and Rotterdam. From Rotterdam, Luxembourg can join the corridor via the port of Mertert.

Sharing renewable know-how with member states

Portugal is well on its way to becoming energy neutral as currently half of the country’s energy comes from solar and wind farms. Additionally, in 2025 the city of Santiago do Cacém will host Europe’s largest solar farm, capable of powering 430,000 homes.

To add even more to the renewable energy mix, the country also has a large hydrogen electrolyser project planned for the port of Sines.

On the other hand, Luxembourg, despite lacking seaports, has taken a very active role in partnering with other countries for more renewable development. This includes cooperation with Belgium and Denmark for constructing an artificial energy island in the North Sea.

Thus, as Portugal is quickly becoming a renewable net exporter for the energy market, small, landlocked Luxembourg wants to be one of the first in line. According to an official statement, the goal of the cooperation agreement is to engage the two countries to contribute to the exploitation of renewables at optimal cost and pursue the development of a European corridor for the import of renewable hydrogen to the Benelux region.



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