Mayor Lydie Polfer, showcasing the parks features , Source: City of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City’s largest park will open next year

Luxembourg City’s largest park will open next year

The €16-million-euro project in Gasperich will include sports facilities, a huge lake and a river with fish

Last week, Luxembourg Mayor Lydie Polfer held a press conference at Ban de Gasperich, now a construction site, but soon - the city’s largest public park. The park was initially scheduled to open this summer, however, the project was delayed for next year.

The park will occupy an impressive 16 hectares and will feature facilities for recreation, a restored river and a small lake. At the same time, developers are working to create a biodiverse ecosystem, that would be a perfect home for residents and local fauna.

It is never too late to outdo yourself

Most European cities are centuries old and quite often come with a certain historic air as if their very composition is ‘set in stone’. They are portrayed as liveable museums, implying perhaps that their greatest achievements and best days are behind them.

But now, sustainable policies in local governments around the EU are pushing back on those preconceptions, as many urban spaces are re-defining their landscapes to fit in a low carbon world. This includes bridges and boulevards giving way to green spaces and bikes, urbanising ex-industrial areas or redesigning districts around pedestrians, rather than cars.  

So it is no surprise, that Luxembourg – a city founded in 987, is constructing its largest public park to date. With an impressive size of 16 hectares, Bad de Gaspreich will be larger than the Pentagon. It will also feature the Drosbach river, which will be restored to its natural state as a measure against flooding and will be home to fish.

The park will also house an artificial lake with an area of 7,000 square metres, sporting facilities, fields and a restaurant. The whole project will cost 21 million euros, with the park set to open in 2023 and the restaurant – in October 2024.

At the same time, around 10,000 people live in the immediate Gasperich area, which is home to apartment buildings, large company offices, a mall and a school.



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