Luxembourg City to be transformed into urban garden for six months

Luxembourg City to be transformed into urban garden for six months

The National Garden Show will give four central locations a new look

Luxembourg has announced its first big national garden show – LUGA 2023 which will completely transform the capital of the Grand-Duchy, turning it into a spectacular urban garden. The preparations for the 6-months long event which will take place between May and October 2023 have already started.

Key locations in Luxembourg transformed for six months

The event will include a memorable flower show and will present innovative niches and economic activities in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, circular economy, environmental protection, ecotourism and environmental culture. Through expositions, educational workshops and tours, the topics belonging to the nature expertise of the country to be presented include:

  • Forestry and agricultural products;
  • Viticulture techniques;
  • Green career opportunities;
  • Urban gardening;
  • Green roofs and hose façades;
  • Seasonal and regional food;
  • Pesticide-free agriculture;
  • Principles of the circular economy.

As part of LUGA 2023, the great variety and significance of the green spaces of the city and the plant life will be on display for a period of half a year. The event will have the capital city as main venue with four central locations redesigned for the purposes of the show, each showing a different topic:

  • Nature at its best in the Petrusse Valley;
  • Nature and society in the Municipal Park and Park Pescatore;
  • Nature and culture in the Alzette Valley and
  • Nature and urban development on the Kirchberg.

The event is organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development and the City of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, the General Inspectorate of Finance and the Luxembourg Horticultural Federation. At this early stage of the event preparations, recommendations and suggestions are welcome by organisers. If you want to contribute to the event with expertise, promotion, sponsorship or else, make sure to visit the event’s website and fill-in the participation form.



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