Luxembourg's trams will start experimenting with free wifi on board already this month, Source: Depositphotos

Luxembourg’s free public transport will finally also have free wifi

Luxembourg’s free public transport will finally also have free wifi

The Grand Duchy was the first country in the world to provide free public transit on its entire territory

Luxembourg made headlines when on 29 February 2020 its government made all public transport on the territory of the country free to use. This includes trains, trams and buses. Passengers are only required to purchase a train ticket if they want to ride 1st class.

Yet, despite the revolutionary breakthrough in the field of what a subsidized government and social service can be to society, public transport in the Grand Duchy had been lacking free wifi on board. You can ride free of charge, but you can’t surf the Internet if you don’t have your own data plan.

Finally, that’s about to change after it was announced that the country’s coalition government has agreed to provide the connectivity service on buses, trams and trains sometime by the end of the year.

Different timetables

The exact moment when you would be able to enjoy free wifi on your next free ride on Luxembourg’s public transport, however, might depend on the mobility mode you’re using.

For instance, the capital city’s tram network will begin testing onboard internet service already this month. It will then progressively equip with routers all its vehicles by the end of the year at a cost of 100,000 euros.

The CFL train network should add free wifi service already used by more than 40,000 devices per week at the last two of its 68 stops this year.

Reportedly, more than a third of the Grand Duchy’s 1,540 buses have already been equipped with wifi, yet it remains unclear when the rest of them will get the routers as no timeline has been specified for this mobility network.



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