The sunscreen dispensers have been distributed to 19 of Luxembourg's top holiday destinations , Source: Luxembourg Cancer Foundation

Luxembourg will fight skin cancer with UV-sensitive tattoos and free sunscreen dispensers

Luxembourg will fight skin cancer with UV-sensitive tattoos and free sunscreen dispensers

According to the Grand Duchy’s Cancer Foundation, skin cancer is the leading type in the country

Recently, the Luxembourgish Cancer Foundation announced that they have made and distributed 43,000 temporary tattoos for kids, that would help them see when they are exposed to too much sun in the summer. The Foundation has also decided to continue its free sunscreen programme with dispensers scattered all across the Grand Duchy.

According to a statement by the Foundation, skin cancer is the leading type of cancer in the country and they attribute these results to a lack of understanding of the risk factors. Furthermore, there are also a number of outdoor jobs that expose people to the harsh summer heat – a definite risk factor, especially over time.

This especially includes construction workers, agricultural workers and seasonal workers. Working outdoors between 11 AM and 4 PM, coupled with having fairer skin and freckles, means people are more vulnerable to sunburns. Sunburns, on the other hand, can lead to an increased risk of cancer.

UV-sensitive tattoos

This year, Luxembourg’s Cancer Foundation has distributed 43,000 temporary tattoos in primary schools. The tattoos feature an elephant, which when exposed to too much damaging UV rays, will change its colour.

This way, kids can see for themselves when it is time to get in the shade and put some sunscreen on. The move is partially motivated by the Foundation’s stated goal of raising awareness of the harmful effects of sun exposure.

uv sensitive tattoos The temporary tattoos change colour when exposed to too much UV light,
Source: Luxembourg Cancer Foundation 

Sunscreen dispensers around the country  

To raise awareness even further, the Cancer Foundation will also continue its campaign from last year – the installation of 19 sunscreen dispensers around the country. The dispensers will allow citizens to get the sunscreen they need on the go, as Luxembourg seems to be headed towards a heatwave.

The dispensers will be available from today until September in Luxembourg City, Reimch, Differdange, Bettembourg and Weiswampach, the country’s main holiday locations.



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