The Madrid regional government headquarters at Puerta del Sol, Source: Depositphotos

Madrid celebrates Spanish princess’ coming of age with free cakes and tapas

Madrid celebrates Spanish princess’ coming of age with free cakes and tapas

The Spanish capital is readying for a solemn celebration tomorrow when the heiress to the throne will swear an oath to the Constitution

On 31 October, Leonor, Princess of Asturias and heiress to the Spanish throne, is turning 18 years old. This rare occasion for the people of Spain will be marked with an official festivity, the high point of which is the princess swearing an oath to the Spanish Constitution. This event will take place in the Congress of Deputies, as the country’s parliament is known, and it will be broadcast live on television.

The Madrid regional government, however, has also prepared some nice treats for residents and guests of the capital city. This includes

Free cake at Puerta del Sol

As well as free tapas offered by some of the iconic food establishments of the city. The almond sponge cakes, baked by the Association of Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Pastry Sector of Madrid (Asempas), will be in the colours of the Spanish flag. The cakes will be decorated with raspberry and lemon jelly. People can get their free cake at the Tourist Office on Puerta del Sol.

In addition, the Association of Centenary Restaurants and Taverns has prepared free appetizers to celebrate the day. These free tapas will consist of a gilda (pickled chilli pepper with anchovy and green olive) to which a Spanish flag will be added.

If you want to get the free appetizer, you can visit one of the centenary restaurants (called this way since they are older than 100 years). These are: Bodega de la Ardosa, Botín, Café Gijón, Casa Alberto, Casa Ciriaco, Casa Labra, Casa Pedro, La Casa del Abuelo, Lhardy, Malacatín, Posada de la Villa and Antonio Sánchez Tavern.

What’s more, the regional Government headquarters will have two giant screens with a size of 6x4 meters each installed early in the morning. This will help the public follow the live television broadcast of the event that takes place in the Congress of Deputies and, later, in the Royal Palace. All while enjoying some free cake.



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