Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida riding an electric motorbike at the new Canalejas 360 charging station, Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Madrid now has Spain’s most powerful urban charging station

Madrid now has Spain’s most powerful urban charging station

You can find it downtown and you can charge anything from a scooter to a car there

Madrid already has 181 spaces where electric vehicles can be charged, but the latest addition, called Canalejas 360, is noteworthy for being the largest such in all of Spain – in fact, it is a true electric mobility hub located in the heart of the city.

The electric charging station can be found at the Calle Alcalá 20 underground in what resembles a large parking facility (about 5,500 m² of surface). It counts with 12 recharging stations and an installed capacity of 2.5 MW. The space can be used by vehicles of electric shared mobility operators, as well as by private vehicles.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the mayor of the Spanish capital, who attended the inauguration last week, described the station as the “kilometre zero of the electrification of cities in Spain". He made an allusion to the Kilometer Zero plaque on Puerta del Sol nearby, which is popularly considered the infrastructural node of Spain from where all major roads radiate outwards.

The electric mobility heart of Spain

Geographically speaking, at least, Canalejas 360 is as central as can be. Plus, it is a major addition to the Madrid 360 strategic plan, with which the city hopes to significantly reduce carbon emissions and encourage the use of electric mobility.

The 12 charging points vary in their capacity in order to serve various vehicles. Four of these points are state-of-the-art ultra-fast charging points with a maximum power of 400 KW. The remaining points include four of 200 KW, and four of 50 KW. This is the current standard of optimal loading for most commercial models, which have a special length compatible with logistics vans.

For the charging process, users will be able to carry out their procedures easily through the Electro-EMT application, designed by the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) for the entire recharging network managed by the company. The recharge prices for the 400 KW points are 0.69 cents per KW/hour; 0.49 cents KW/hour for 200 KW points, and 0.40 cents KW/hour for 50 KW chargers.

Likewise, it also has parking space for 14 electric bicycles operated by the EMT, and a secure parking area and recharging of private scooters with a capacity for 8 units.

In addition to electric recharging, Canalejas 360 offers electromobility and micro logistics services for companies that will carry out their operations in the nearby area – last-mile distribution



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