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Madrid offers free disinfection of taxis

Madrid offers free disinfection of taxis

Up to 350 vehicles per day can be disinfected in the facility, thus improving the safety of both drivers and passengers

Madrid has made a 9,000-square-metres space available for local taxi drivers to clean and disinfect their automobiles for free. The offer, valid until the state of emergency caused by Covid-19 lasts, will help the sector meet the increased sanitation standards in the Spanish capital. The cleaning service is expected to become operational today.

Thorough disinfection reduces the risk of contracting Covid-19 on a taxi

Between 300 and 350 cars per day, this is the capacity of the warehouse on Ahumaos Street, in the Vicálvaro district that was provided by the city council of Madrid to the Madrid Auto-Taxi Association. The possibility to disinfect vehicles guarantees improved security for the professionals in the sector who continue to deliver transportation service amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Through an agreement between the city council and the association, cleaning and disinfection services will be provided to all taxi drivers of Madrid who need it. Drivers can benefit from the comprehensive cleaning with disinfectant and an interior treatment with ozone from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., with the possibility of extension upon request.

Mayor of Madrid inspects the taxi disinfection facility

Mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida inspected the facility for the disinfection of taxis. Photo by

The city council of Madrid has deemed it necessary to support the sector that showed solidarity in the times of crisis by offering rides for free. Despite the reduced number of taxis operating during the state of emergency, they continued to provide transportation to health personnel free of charge increasing the risk of contagion with the virus for themselves.

In addition, Madrid Salud developed preventive and incident management instructions (disinfection) for the taxi service. The public health service of the Spanish city recommends that the minimum cleaning and disinfection frequency be at least every 24 hours at the end of the shift. However, it is necessary to increase the frequency and undertake special measures after performing services considered to be risky, such as the transfer of health professionals.

Spain exiting lockdown in 4 steps

Meanwhile, the Government of Spain represented by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a four-stage plan to exit the lockdown, as the country's death toll declines. The strategy previews a gradual transition back to normal life, with each stage lasting for two weeks.

Starting with phase zero (preparatory), it goes through the reopening of small businesses and hotels (phase one), onto allowing indoor restaurant services and small cultural venues to operate (phase two), finishing up with the limiting of restrictions.



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