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Maltese children draw inspiration from clouds

Maltese children draw inspiration from clouds

With this initiative Malta commemorates the 25th anniversary of the GLOBE international program

Cloud watching can be soothing and uplifting to anyone. To children, this pleasurable pastime can have a sound educational value, says GLOBE Malta. To mark the 25th anniversary of the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program, its Maltese branch is launching an initiative that encourages primary and secondary students to observe clouds, learn about them online and finally, turn them into objects of art.

Initiative will culminate on World Environment Day

“Maltese students at primary and secondary level are invited to observe the clouds by going out on their balcony, in the courtyard or on the roof, learning about the different types of clouds using online resources which they find on the GLOBE site and to take part in the cloud challenge by drawing, writing a poem or a short story about clouds,” explained Ramona Mercieca, Deputy Globe Coordinator in Malta, quoted by public broadcaster TVM.

Students should send their project to teachers by 5 June, World Environment Day, so that they can be presented virtually and included in the program’s international database. Participating students will be issued a certificate and schools will be given a set of books for their libraries.

The initiative is supported by the US Embassy in Malta and the Maltese Embassy in Washington. The latter also has a sentimental involvement. A letter by Kimberly Azzopardi, the daughter of Malta’s Ambassador to the United States, became the emotional highlight of a virtual event commemorating GLOBE’s 25th anniversary which brought together audiences in the United States and Malta.

“Dear Earth. I know you are suffering a lot because people do not do things the right way. I feel sad for you and I wish I could help. Also I wish adults would listen to us kids on how to protect you. I feel angry when people throw plastic in the ocean, waste waterTo help you I try to use less energy, save water when I brush my teeth and continue to separate our waste. Also I am using my bike more often instead of the car. Finally and above all I try to convince my whole family to protect you like I do, Kimberly wrote in her letter.

Learning to benefit the environment  

GLOBE is a worldwide science and education program that helps children and adults better understand the world environment. It enables schools and the public to gather information and conduct scientific research on the Earth’s plants, animals, seas, climate etc., thereby helping global action to be taken for the preservation of our planet’s unique heritage. In Malta the program is spread across almost 40 schools.



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