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Marijampolė starts implementation of Sustainable Mobility Plan

Marijampolė starts implementation of Sustainable Mobility Plan

Measures include public transport e-ticketing system, new information stands, and pedestrian crossings adapted for people with special needs

Marijampolė municipality administration has launched the project “Implementation of sustainable mobility measures in Marijampolė city” in accordance with the recently approved Sustainable Mobility Plan. The Plan lays out a vision for Lithuania’s seventh-largest city as “a modern, active, green and environmentally friendly city where moving around is easy and safe for everyone.”

Tapping EU funds

The solutions outlined in the plan will be implemented by 2030, using EU funding and other financial instruments. The measures include installation of an electronic ticketing system in the city public transport, as well as renovation of the public transport information system. To this end, 20 new electronic displays providing information about bus schedules and routes will be installed at stops throughout the city, and 19 existing displays will be repaired.

Focus on pedestrians

Special attention will be paid to walkers. Pedestrian crossings will be adapted for people with special needs, and will feature lower street curbs, safety islands, and bi-directional LED lighting to facilitate passage in the dark hours of the day. Global examples show that the implementation of engineering traffic safety measures in the city reduces the number of accidents and provides both social and economic benefits.

“The public transport infrastructure in Marijampolė is not well developed at the moment; we really have room for improvement. Seeing modern trends and realizing that modern solutions are popping up in the world every day, we want to implement them in our city as well. There is a need to modernize the public transport system, adapt the transport infrastructure for all groups of society, and improve the conditions for sustainable travel,” explains Karolis Podolskis, Director of the Marijampolė Municipality Administration, quoted by the city Facebook page.

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