The City of Marseille wants to boost its economy through better youth inclusion, Source: Depositphotos

Marseille launches Entrepreneurship Bus to reach youth with ideas

Marseille launches Entrepreneurship Bus to reach youth with ideas

The office on wheels will reach peripheral neighbourhoods to help channel youth energy into the productive economy

Today, 1 March, the City of Marseille is planning to launch its newest initiative called Youth Entrepreneurship Bus. The new device will operate on the concept of social and proactive outreach to the youth communities of the southern French city, and specifically, those who might be feeling excluded or marginalized, or simply unaware of the possibilities available to them to begin their own business or a start-up.

This initiative is in line with one of the axes of the "Marseille en Grand” Plan,  announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on 2 September 2021 at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille. The plan aims to reorganize and drastically upgrade the educational system of the city with the creation of new schools and curricula that emphasize innovation.

Marseille extends a helping hand to its young residents

Young men and women from Marseilles, in particular those residing in certain districts of the city, encounter real difficulties in accessing the labour world. Yet, it is the key to their emancipation, their autonomy and their social integration in the city. The social and economic inclusion of young people is therefore a priority for the City of Marseille. 

The municipality has the ambition to allow each young person, whatever their background and their living conditions, to have the opportunity to engage in the creation of productive activity. The local authorities wish to create a system dedicated to supporting 16-30-year-olds in neighbourhoods far from the usual city institutions, by creating the first of its kind Youth Entrepreneurship Bus. 

The Bus aims to make existing tools and structures visible, as well as provide access to information for young beneficiaries from the various local actors that can help to create a business. 

This tool at the service of the young people of Marseilles also constitutes a formidable opportunity to provide information on the various measures which concern young people, and in particular the so-called Entrepreneurship Hubs. Particular attention is paid to young women who are statistically under-represented in France when it comes to business creation (less than 20%).



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