Poland Sanitizer and Mask vending machine - UM Siemianowice Śląskie, Source: Hand sanitizer and masks vending machine / UM Siemianowice Śląskie

Mask and hand sanitizer vending machines appear in Southern Poland

Mask and hand sanitizer vending machines appear in Southern Poland

Allowing for cashless purchase of personal hygiene items

While in some parts of the world facial masks and hand sanitizers have become items of luxury, in other places buying them is child’s play. Thanks to newly installed vending machines, offering the precious protection items, several Polish municipalities in the Upper Silesian-Zagłębie Metropolis (GZM) are better equipped against Covid-19.

The so-called Maseczkomat is a novelty that appeared in the communities of Metropolis over the last week. By using the vending machine locals get another (if not the only) safe alternative to buy protective masks, gloves and hand disinfection liquids. Maseczkomats can be seen in four Polish municipalities of the metropolis.

Siemianowice Dobre Bo Śląskie

In Siemianowice Dobre Bo Śląskie (in the main picture) the machine appeared on the municipal market. The device is equipped with a SIM card that allows its constant monitoring, explained from the company that provides the masks. This allows them to react in time if some of the items are out of stock.

Their machine has disposable and reusable masks, antibacterial gel and wipes. The Maseczkomat was made available to the city free of charge.


Poland Sanitizer and Mask vending machine in PsaryThe vending machines are available 24/7. Photo by UG Psary

Psary also has its proper “hygienomat”, allowing the cashless purchase of protective items. The machine stands next to the building of the municipality. Local authorities decided that they will be the ones covering the costs of the electricity needed to supply the device and the disinfection by the company's employees that is done once a week.

Company representatives guarantee that the price of the product covers only the costs of its production. All products are packaged in a hygienic manner, which allows them to be stored, they explain.


Last week Czeladz was also equipped with a vending machine selling essential personal protection equipment. It can be bought safely around the clock at two locations - the market square (next to the florists) and Viannaya Square.


Sanitizer and Mask vending machine in BieruńAuthorities are making sure that locals never run out of items for personal hygiene in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Photo by UM Bierun

Finally, in Bieruń the machine is located on the Market, but there is another one coming soon. Locals could buy masks, gel and wipes for pretty reasonable prices.



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