warsaw beach cleaning, Source: City of Warsaw

Massive beach cleaning with educational spin this weekend in Warsaw

Massive beach cleaning with educational spin this weekend in Warsaw

The event will host plenty of ecological attractions and workshops for the entire family

A simultaneous cleaning of five beaches on Vistula river will take place this weekend in Warsaw, announced the local authority. The event organised by the Vistula District aims to be much more than a summer cleaning, however, as it will be accompanied with a number of ecological activities, zero-waste workshops and talks about how to preserve nature.

Warsowvians unite for a cleaner Vistula

Although it has the full support of the local authorities, the great cleaning is not a municipal initiative – rather it is spearheaded by the citizens themselves and funded as part of the civic budget. The overall objectives of the civic project are to encourage Warsaw residents to take care of their common spaces and to ensure the cleanliness of natural animal habitats.

The great beach cleaning is thus scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 23, at 10.00 a.m. on five city beaches - Poniatówka, Saska, ZOO / Rusałka, Romantic and Białołęka. Participants will receive gloves, garbage bags and masks and those who collect at least one full sack of rubbish will receive small souvenirs.

In addition to cleaning activities, there will be many educational ones as well. To start with, each of the beaches will have an ecological expert who will discuss the topic of proper waste segregation and will tell interesting facts about the fauna of the Vistula.

At the Ecological Education Point on Karskiego Boulevard Warsovians can attend workshops on recycling, upcycling and practical tips in the "zero waste" lifestyle. The pavilion is usually open on Fridays from 16.00-20.00, on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00-20.00, but this weekend there will also be special events, as follows:

Saturday, August 22 at 16.00 - Workshop on the processing of plastic caps into utility items - participants will use a special machine to create coasters for cups, fish figurines and other utility items;

Sunday, August 23 at 1.00 pm - "Insect Houses" –The lecturers will tell how much and what exactly we owe to the bees and insects, about their habits and give tips on how to be friendly to bees. Each participant can build a pollinator house and bring it home.

All events and materials are free, as they are part of the civic project, but participation requires preliminary registration. All details are available on the Facebook page of the Vistula District.

On Saturday, August 22, at the "Kamień" Educational Pavilion (Wybrzeże Puckie), children will listen to fairy tales and stories about the power of nature, the story of the Vistula river and its fauna, among others.

The teams of the Vistula District will also provide tips on protection against coronavirus. Also, on the beaches of Poniatówka, Saska and Żoliborz, tourists can take eco-ashtrays for cigarette butts from the Warsaw Beach's booths.



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