Hanna Zdanowska urging citizens to buy vouchers, Source: City of Lodz

Mayor of Lodz: Buy vouchers, help businesses overcome the crisis

Mayor of Lodz: Buy vouchers, help businesses overcome the crisis

By purchasing future services, citizens can dramatically help local entrepreneurs in these difficult times, believes the Polish mayor

Few are the local businesses that are not facing serious economic insecurity due to the coronavirus pandemic. With customers staying home for weeks on end in order to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, companies are seeing their revenues drop dramatically.

With bills and salaries to pay, the future of small enterprises seems uncertain, without help from the outside. Accordingly, some states and cities have already announced economic measures to protect the business in times of crisis.

Communities against coronavirus

Lodz, however, has an additional suggestion - participatory and less protectionist. Mayor Hanna Zdanowska has urged the local community to support local business by purchasing vouchers and use the services and products in the future.

By paying now for future services, she explains, customers are purchasing something they will need once the lockdown is over. While at the same time, their timely payments can make a real difference for someone in need. This certain someone can be the owner of a beauty salon, an artisan, a friend or a neighbour.

As the local restaurants and service providers have already begun selling vouchers, the city authorities have created a Facebook group to facilitate the exchange between demand and supply. Łódź - promocje, vouchery, jedzenie na wynos is open for anyone to join.

In addition, a Lodz company has already allocated PLN 100,000 of its budget for vouchers, as a means to help local businesses find their footing.

Municipal measures to support local business

Mayor Zdanowska explained that as a local government they are trying not to leave anyone behind in these difficult times. Last week they launched the first package to support entrepreneurs. It previews deferral of rent for commercial premises, property tax, tax on means of transport and rent with a cancellation of interest.

The authorities explained there are more solutions in the making, covering also post-crisis support.



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