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Milan brings subsidized taxi vouchers back

Milan brings subsidized taxi vouchers back

People living in precarious economic conditions or with physical disabilities are eligible to apply for the service

Starting today, 21 June, subsidized taxi vouchers are once again available in the city of Milan. The programme is specifically aimed at urban residents who are experiencing economic hardships or have difficulties with mobility due to physical disabilities.

The vouchers will be available as public aid to people in such precarious situations in order to help them meet their mobility needs without obstacles. The Municipality of Milan has announced that the programme will be “possibly renewable until funds run out”.

How does it work?

The subsidized programme allows users to travel by taxi or rental with a driver (NCC) with coverage of 100% of the fare and up to a maximum of 20 euros, for a total of 200 euros per voucher.

The eligible beneficiaries who can apply for the vouchers are citizens residing in Milan above 65 years of age, pregnant women, people suffering from diseases that require continuous care, those with reduced physical mobility, with confirmed diseases, even if temporary, and those subject to life-saving therapies.  

To the above list are also added the people belonging to families that have been most impacted by the economic effects deriving from the epidemiological emergency and all citizens in economic need. This group includes households with an ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) equal to or less than 28 thousand euros annual income, the unemployed and those who had been laid off. The benefit is valid for all members of such households. 

For those who had already registered on the municipality's platform last year, the new option will start automatically, while for new users it will be necessary to pre-register for the service. The user will receive an activation confirmation.

When they want to use the benefit, all they have to do is show their health card to the taxi driver. The latter, thanks to a dedicated app already downloaded on his mobile phone, will enter the user's tax code for verification at the end of the journey and the cost of the trip will be subtracted.



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