Being a student in Milan is quite costly in 2022, Source: Unsplash

Milan is the most expensive Italian city for students…by far

Milan is the most expensive Italian city for students…by far

The COVID pandemic provided only a temporary brake on the seemingly untameable accommodation market

Rent usually claims the biggest chunk of the monthly living expenses of college and university students. And with the Italian school year set to restart soon, the situation is clear – Milan is the most expensive city in the country to rent a room.

This is what the latest report, done by, claims. The country’s premier property web portal has done a ranking of the cities taking into account the rental prices for single and double rooms, the kind of accommodation units most sought after by students.

In the case of Milan, the average price for a single room is 620 euros, which represents a solid jump of 20% compared to last year!

Room sharing might be the new trend due to galloping inflation

What the report also shows is that Milan is not only the most expensive city for students, but it is also considerably so, when compared to other cities in Italy.

The country’s average prices for a double room hover at 439 euros, which shows an increase of 11% compared to 2021. The median price for a bed in a single room for a student in Italy stands at 234 euros, which means that perhaps many price-conscious parents and students will go for that kind of option in order to make higher education in a different city more affordable.

Carlo Giordano, Board Member of, commented for MiTomorrow: “As we announced a year ago, the room situation in the main Italian university cities has returned to normalcy. Students and off-site workers have returned to populate the large centres, effectively triggering the recovery of the rental market. The high demand, led to a contraction in supply, meaning that the owners - for whom, let us remember, the property is a supplementary income – raised the prices, which are currently even higher in many cities than those of the pre-pandemic period."

Still, heading to other cities might be a more economical decision since even Rome – the second most expensive city for students – has average prices of 465 euros for a single, and 248 – for a bed in a double.

The third place is shared between Florence and Padua where a single costs 450 euros. Bologna is fifth, with 447 euros.

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