If the measure becomes reality then public transport will be king of Milanese traffic, Source: Depositphotos

Milan mulls banning cars from central area

Milan mulls banning cars from central area

If this comes to fruition, the Italian city would follow in the footsteps of Stockholm

The city of Milan is considered Italy’s economic capital and as such it’s been known for long as an industrial, busy, dusty and polluted city. That’s why it may come as a surprise, but also as a bold step in the right direction, when news came out that Mayor Giuseppe Sala had proposed the idea of banning private traffic from the central area of the city in 2024.

The short deadline shows the serious intention of the local government to enact drastic changes to improve the quality of the urban air, which is known to have one the worst indicators among European cities.

It’s a small thing, but at the same time it’s a historic thing,” Mayor Sala said, as quoted by Euronews, during the Verde e Blu festival promoting sustainability last week.

How would it work?

Before making the resolution that the council approved last July operational, Mayor Sala explained that there were some steps to take and above all a dialogue to start with all the interested parties, especially the major fashion houses, which make up the economic base of central Milan.

The way the restriction would enter into force would be by installing cameras on Corso Venezia, which will record the licence plates of the vehicles and issue fines if they have no business being there.

Some vehicles will be exempted from the ban. That naturally includes public transport, but also taxis, central area residents’ cars and cars going into an underground car park. The latter will also feature cameras, which will cancel the fines for vehicles parking there.

According to Mayor Sala, if and when enacted this measure would prove to be a pioneering one as it could set the base for future expansion of pedestrianization in the city.



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