It's not easy to balance nightlife availability and residents' needs for peace and quiet, Source: Depositphotos

Milan to quiet down the night by banning outdoor drinking

Milan to quiet down the night by banning outdoor drinking

The new restriction will apply to the Porta Venezia district

The Milanese authorities have decided to try a new approach to silencing the nightlife noise in the downtown area by banning the sale of takeaway food and beverages in the Porta Venezia district. The ban, for now, will be temporary and will apply until 19 November, though there’s a possibility it may be extended.

The new regulation was motivated due to residents in the district complaining about excessive late-night noise from revellers crowding on the streets to buy drinks and snacks, which they then proceed to consume on the street. In fact, the complaints led to the local government being taken to court earlier this year by the sleep-starved residents.

When and where will the ban apply?

The new restrictions will apply to all establishments, including bars, stalls, shops, which feature outdoor seating or vending machines in the area running from Piazza Oberdan to via Melzo and via Lazzaretto.

The food and beverage sale prohibition will apply from midnight to 6:00 am on weekdays and from 1:30 am to 6:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights. Likewise, street vendors will also be banned from doing business there between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan, defended the new curtailing measures on nightlife saying that, in his view, a city, just like people, needs to have resting downtime and that he didn’t believe in the idea of a city that never sleeps.

Whatever the case, this is not the first time that Milan has tried putting the nightlife noise pollution levels down by instituting restrictions.

In May 2020, takeaway alcohol sales were banned from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am after residents, fatigued by the first lockdown phase, openly disregarded COVID-19 safety regulations.

Last year, during the summer, a ban on outside drinking was also introduced as a way to make the streets safer. In both cases, however, the measures were only temporary just like it is with the current ban.



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