Covid test buses in Lower Austria, Source: Lower Austria

Mobile CoV testing buses for companies in Lower Austria

Mobile CoV testing buses for companies in Lower Austria

The state introduces a new testing mode for SMEs

Small and medium businesses employees will now have the opportunity to be tested for Covid-19 with the two new test buses supplied by the regional government of Lower Austria. This was announced in a press release on Thursday, 8 April 2021, and the project will initially run for one month.

Medically trained staff will easily move around neighbourhoods performing rapid antigen tests. The buses are used in both state business parks and cities to enable workers in smaller businesses to get tests.

The tests are entirely voluntary and cost-free for businesses. They are financed by the state and the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

According to the state health councillor Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig (SPÖ), there are still small clusters in companies. “We know that there are always sources of infection in companies. Therefore, in my opinion, the mobile test buses are a good opportunity to look inside the company and to be able to quickly interrupt the chains of infection."

The performance and acceptance of the test buses will be reviewed after the one-month trial period. They are meant to run from Monday to Friday and If there is high demand, the testing will be extended. It is also possible to expand or upgrade the bus fleet.

60 antigen tests per hour

The responsible parties anticipate a capability of 60 antigen tests per hour. The mobile test buses are meant to supplement the existing operational test lanes. Meanwhile, in over 330 companies with 50 or more employees, operational test lanes are already ensuring improved safety. 

With the test buses, Lower Austria is now able to offer a testing option even to smaller companies that were previously unable to carry out on-site Covid tests. Regular testing increases the ability of companies to plan ahead and provide for better peace of mind, something that companies urgently need. 



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