Motnpellier gets ready to celebrate free public transport launch on 21 December, Source: Depositphotos

Montpellier to launch free public transport with a party

Montpellier to launch free public transport with a party

The grand benefit for the French metropolis’ residents will start on 21 December

Montpellier is getting ready to become the largest urban area in France with free public transport. The big change will launch on 21 December to create a beautiful Christmas present for the residents of this Mediterranean metropolis.

And it won’t be a quiet shift in gears either, as the authorities of the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and the Metropolitan Council, consisting of all the mayors forming part of the urban area, have organized a Free Public Transport Festival, to take place on Place de la Comédie from 6 p.m. (21 December).

Earlier that day, there will also be a Forum on free public transport at the Opéra Comédie at 4 p.m., organized by Liberation newspaper.

New BusTram service from 2025 in Montpellier

As of 21 December, all Montpellier residents will be able to enjoy free public transport 24/7. For this purpose, they’ll still have to carry a free transport pass with them, however, they won’t have to validate it. Validations will remain in place for visitors to the metropolis using the public transit system.

The launch of the free public transport service actually represents an extension, since free-of-charge riding has already been available on weekends and for residents aged under 18 and over 65.

Free public transport in the Montpellier metropolis means that residents will be able to use all buses, trams and P+Tram parking at no charge. What’s more, in 2025, the authorities are preparing the launch of an entirely new service called BusTram, which will consist of 5 lines.

The BusTram will have the objective of filling the gaps left by the current tram and bus network. It means that another 110,000 residents in 10 neighbourhoods will get access to public transit.

The launch of the BusTram will coincide with the launch of Tramline 5 and the extension of Tramline 1 to the Sud de France station.



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