Stuttgart to receive funding in regional train transport , Source: Baden-Wuerttemberg

More trains and improved services on the S-Bahn Stuttgart

More trains and improved services on the S-Bahn Stuttgart

58 new S-Bahn trains and 160 million euros investment

Stuttgart will receive 58 new S-Bahn trains and 160 million euros funding for regional transport. This was decided on Friday, 9 April 2021, by signing an addendum to the agreement on providing regionalisation funds to the Stuttgart region. The Stuttgart Region Association and the Ministry of Transport have paved the way for additional long S-Bahn trains to run every 15 minutes.

The increase in passengers will allow only long trains to run during rush hours and express lines to be created. This increase also has an impact on the shares from the federal climate package: In absolute figures, this means that around 160 million euros more will flow into the region until 2032.

160 million euros until 2032

Instead of the previous 9.1 percent, the Stuttgart Area Association will now earn 9.9 percent of the federal government's regionalisation funds allocated to Baden-Württemberg. After the association's transport committee accepted the Council of Ministers' proposal in February, the agreement was officially sealed by Baden-Minister Württemberg's for Transport Winfried Hermann and regional director Dr. Nicola Schelling.

“The S-Bahn is the backbone of public transport in the Stuttgart region. And we want to further strengthen it together. Figures show that citizens want to use the S-Bahn more and we need them for a successful turnaround in traffic,” confirmed Transport Minister Winfried Hermann when signing the agreement.

"With its decision to become a pilot project for the digital rail, the association has made advance payments with the acquisition of the new trains and its plans for extensive service expansions and we are pleased that we can now count on the financial support of the state," said the regional director Dr. Schelling.

Digitisation of railways with the European Train Control System is necessary particularly during times of crisis and due to the growth of the number of passengers and, at the same time, it is expected that a radiant S-Bahn with an increasing range of convenience will emerge from this.



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