Mayor of Morsø Hans Ejner Bertelsen received DI's award, Source: Morsø Municipality

Morsø is Denmark’s Digital Municipality of the Year

Morsø is Denmark’s Digital Municipality of the Year

It is at the forefront of the country’s digital efforts

On 18 August, Denmark’s largest business and employers' organisation, Danish Industry (DI), revealed that Morsø is the 2021 Digital Municipality of the Year. DI announced this news following its annual survey, which assesses over 7,000 Danish companies and all of the country’s 98 municipalities.

More specifically, the survey examines mobile and broadband coverage, how companies view their municipality's efforts in terms of digital infrastructure, and the supply of digital services.

Morsø is a leader in digitalisation

The results of the survey found that Morsø Municipality ranks highest in terms of the above three factors. It is important to highlight that the municipality is located on the island of Morsø and is, therefore, far away from large cities. For this reason, investments in digitalisation are necessary for its survival and future development.

Expanding on this, digitalisation is reportedly a large part of Morsø’s 2030 Development Plan. Mayor of Morsø Hans Ejner Bertelsen explained the reason behind this, noting that digital efforts have numerous benefits. That is, digitalisation results in better education as it enhances distance learning.

What is more, it promotes health and municipal services, making them more accessible to citizens. Beyond this, digitalisation also helps the local business community as individuals find it easier to work from home or set up their own businesses.

DI’s Digital Director Rikke Hougaard Zeberg believes that Morsø's efforts are a good example of how investments in digitalisation can create growth in Denmark: “In DI, we believe that there must be equal opportunities for running businesses in all parts of the country, and Morsø Municipality is a good example of how digitalisation helps to ensure this.”

Denmark's digital champions

Although Morsø is undoubtedly at the forefront of the country’s digital efforts, many others have also scored high in this year’s survey.

According to DI, Denmark’s top 10 digital municipalities are:

  1. Morsø
  2. Varde
  3. Fredericia
  4. Vejen
  5. Sønderborg
  6. Ballerup
  7. Billund
  8. Solrød
  9. Glostrup
  10. Frederikshavn



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