Las Llamas Park in Santander, Source: Ayuntamiento de Santander

Multi-data QR codes enhance visitor experience in Santander park

Multi-data QR codes enhance visitor experience in Santander park

This is part of a European-Japanese collaborative pilot project

On 26 August, Santander’s Innovation Councilor Felipe Pérez Manso announced the launch of a pilot project, which aims to provide park goers with a novelty experience. The name of the project, ‘Enrich your view of the park’, is poignant in that respect and the green space in question will be the Las Llamas Park in the northern Spanish city.

The platform through which the digital project will enrich the user’s experience is a website and 9 QR codes, placed throughout the park. They will display data collected by two types of sensors, also installed in the urban green space. These are an environmental sensor (measuring parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and volatile organic compounds) and a person counter, which provides an estimate of visitors to the park.

Data that helps you be more intimately aware of your surroundings

The initiative counts with the collaboration of ten European and Japanese tech entities plus the Santander City Council. It, additionally, seeks to reinforce security in applications and services in smart cities, and has an overall budget of 1.5 million euros.

In this pilot experience what is proposed is to enrich the visit to the Las Llamas park through a simple website that offers information on its flora and fauna as well as the measurements of various sensors installed in the park, also guaranteeing safety, security and the integrity of the data,” explained Councilor Pérez Manso.

All this can be viewed on, which will show the location of the devices and QR codes as well as the data provided by them. Likewise, this is available through a quick scan with a mobile phone or a tablet of the QR codes in the park. Once logged in, the user will have access to this information and will also be able to vote on the degree of satisfaction with the information displayed while enjoying a walk in the park.

The sensors help people gain a better environmental awareness by reading the indicators for temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and Volatile Organic Compounds, as well as their evolution in the last 48 hours, during the preceding week and preceding month.



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