Munich cancels Oktoberfest 2020

Munich cancels Oktoberfest 2020

Even though public events might be reallowed at the end of August, local authorities have decided to adopt a more cautious approach

Some of the greatest victims of the lockdown and quarantine measures imposed by European countries have been long-anticipated and traditional events that were cancelled. Social distancing measures and stay at home orders enforced by local and national authorities, as well as bans on mass gatherings have led to their suspension and their renewals will be held sometime in the future.

One of the most prominent events that were cancelled is Munich’s traditional Oktoberfest – the world’s biggest beer celebration that brings around 6 million people each year to the German city. That very number could also serve as an explanation as to why the 2020 edition of the festival will not be held.

Authorities being cautious

According to the latest guidelines adopted by German authorities, bans on mass gatherings of people are scheduled to last until 31 August – just a couple of weeks before the official opening of Oktoberfest 2020 – which was supposed to be held on 19 September.

Despite the date falling outside of the official guidelines and technically being allowed, regional and local authorities in Bavaria and Munich reached a joint decision for the festival’s cancellation.

The adoption of this cautious approach comes after the initial relaxation of some lockdown measures in the country and after German Chancellor Merkel’s statement that she fears the “opening discussion orgies” that are being held by some regional and local politicians – e.g. the talks of further and faster relaxing of lockdown measures which in turn might lead to a 2nd wave of the coronavirus outbreak if citizens feel like they can let their guard down and try to return to life as it was before the crisis.

The announcement made jointly by the mayor of Munich and the regional premiere of Bavaria is a clear signal that at least some politicians have heard the Chancellor’s plea and share her concerns.



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