munich bus, Source: Stadt Muenchen

Munich expands electric public transport capabilities

Munich expands electric public transport capabilities

The launch of a new e-bus is a statement and a commitment to a greener Munich

Local authorities in the German city of Munich have unveiled the latest addition to their collection of e-buses – namely its first electric vehicle developed by MAN Lion’s City. It is currently serving out a trial period and will operate on line 100, running between the Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof.

With a vision for a greener Munich

The Bavarian capital is no stranger to electric vehicles in its public transport fleet. Currently, there are a total of 5 electric vehicles in operation on line 100 with additional buses already being ordered. The first ones are scheduled to arrive in September, allowing the Museum Line to be run entirely by electric vehicles. By 2021, the entirety of the Munich public transport fleet will consist of at the very least 26 electric vehicles, running entirely on zero emissions.

What makes the new bus special, however, are its state-of-the-art capabilities and its significance. Not only does the bus boast a plethora of upgrades compared to regular e-buses but it also serves as a statement by local authorities that they are keeping their eye on the ball and are eager to play their part in combating climate change.

The features on MAN Lion’s City bus include:

  • Batteries with a total capacity of 480 kw/h
  • A range of 270 km
  • Charging capacity of 150 kw/h, allowing the bus to be fully charged in just three hours
  • Easy boarding thanks to three large and accessible doors
  • More space and friendlier indoor conditions
  • An automatic temperature management system regulated through the use of a heat pump

"Our goal for the next ten years is clear: move away from oil and towards zero emissions in operation. For this we need reliable and long-range e-buses", stated Ingo Wortmann, head of MVG (Munich’s Public transport operating company) and managing director of mobility at Stadtwerke München (SWM). He further added that "In the future, we will no longer order combustion engines for our bus fleet".



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