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Munich plots safe opening of Christmas Markets

Munich plots safe opening of Christmas Markets

Come November, the traditional Christmas Markets will look completely different – provided they open at all

Christmas Markets are an essential staple for any holiday experience in Europe. Yet this year, the coronavirus pandemic, which has already forced many changes onto our lives, will also make the cosy city squares appear less friendly than we might remember them from previous iterations.

In Munich, local authorities have already unveiled their preparations for the opening of the 2020 Christmas Markets on Marienplatz and promise an experience that will be safe, constantly monitored and perfectly in line with epidemiological conditions.

Of course, the now usual caveats apply, that should the spread of COVID-19 get out of hand, the city will have no choice but to close down the Christmas Markets until the situation improves sufficiently.

Doing all that is necessary to protect lives and livelihoods

Munich’s local authorities feel confident that they have learned much over the summer months in terms of the carrying out of public events during a pandemic. Thus, they will be building upon their previous experiences and will be introducing some of the measures that became commonplace during the warm seasons. They include:

  • Larger area: In order to guarantee a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between visitors, the market is straightened out. The market area extends to Karlstor and over the entire Sendlinger Straße.
  • Larger distances: distances of less than 5 to 10 meters will be maintained between the stands and on the paths.
  • Arrangement of the booths: Smaller booths are consistently being set up on Marienplatz - but this means that the arrangement of the stands and alleys remains largely the same as in previous years. This will allow for the number of approved market traders to be kept constant compared to previous years.
  • Guest registration: There will be demarcated catering areas with bar tables, the so-called "gastro islands", in which guests will be registered. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed there. Bringing mulled wine and other alcoholic beverages outside of these areas will be prohibited.

Of course, as is now already the norm, masks will also be mandatory while shopping at the stalls. Furthermore, due to the financial difficulties that have resulted from the pandemic, the stall-owners will have the option to extend the operations of the Christmas Market up until 10 January in order to recoup part of their losses.




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