Munich puts emphasis on future development of mobility

Munich puts emphasis on future development of mobility

A new department is being created that will be solely responsible for topics ranging from cycling to public transport in the city

With the ever-increasing importance of mobility and transport in cities across Europe, many local administrations are looking for ways to streamline decision-making processes and to make their structures more adaptable to the changes that are afoot in the fields.

In the Bavarian capital of Munich transport and its many aspects have been under the auspices of a large number of local governmental structures – but that is about to change. Authorities have announced their plans for the creation of a single unit that will be solely responsible for the development of future solutions to mobility and the city and for its maintenance and strategies.

Centralizing in order to provide better services to citizens

The new unit that will soon become an integral part of the Munich city administration will be located at Implerstraße and will have more than 300 positions. It will take over many different functions of a number of other municipal structures, including the responsibility of topics ranging from cycling to public transportation.

On the topic of this most recent restructuring, the mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter stated that "I am delighted that our plans for a mobility unit are now a reality. Because we are faced with the major task of permanently providing efficient, affordable and ecological transport systems in the growing state capital. This requires innovative concepts and a pooling of skills. The new unit creates a single point of contact who will take care of all strategic matters relating to mobility and traffic in the Munich area. "

The new unit will begin its work on 1 January 2021 and will provide a more straightforward and streamlined process of making decisions and of finding solutions to present and future problems. By opting to embrace change, local authorities in Munich have once again proven that they do not fear the future but instead are always at the ready to provide the best possible solutions to their citizens.



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