munich bridge, Source: Florian Holzherr / Stadt Muenchen

Munich’s newest bridge makes cycling and walking across the city even more convenient

Munich’s newest bridge makes cycling and walking across the city even more convenient

Arnulfsteg bridge was officially opened to traffic last week

Munich’s Arnulfsteg pedestrian and cycling bridge with a length of 240 meters has finally been opened to citizens. From here you have a view of the city centre and the main route - without the hustle and bustle of traffic.

Promoting more sustainable ways of transport

If you find the busy Donnersbergerbrücke or Hackerbrücke too stressful on foot or by bike, you now have a new, more relaxed and safe option, following last week’s opening of the new Arnulfsteg bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

The new bridge connects the Schwanthalerhöhe in the south with the Arnulfpark in the north and offers a view of the city and the tracks of the main line.

Upon the project’s completion, Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter stated that “An important bridge has been built here and we are all happy about this impressive building, which was completed on schedule shortly before Christmas. On foot and by bike, you can now cross the railway tracks safely, barrier-free and undisturbed by the motorized traffic that runs over the neighboring bridges. At the same time, this bridge connects the residential and commercial areas on both sides of the railway axis."

Arnulfsteg bridge crosses a total of 37 tracks in a slightly arched arch over a length of about 240 meters. It is supported by two slim supports in the track area and boasts 90 mostly covered bicycle parking spaces at the north entrance and around 100 more weather-protected bicycle parking spaces at the south entrance.

Furthermore, the bridge has been made fully accessible to citizens with disabilities. The southern access ramp for the Arnulfsteg with stairs and elevator can be found on Philipp-Loewenfeld-Straße, while at the northern end of the bridge, which is located on Erika-Mann-Straße, an oval, curved ramp was created.



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