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National Reuse Month taking place in Ireland

National Reuse Month taking place in Ireland

Recycling with style, circular economy jobs and skills are only part of the events to attend

This month is officially National Reuse Month in Ireland. Between 1st and 31st October, various opportunities to learn how to extend the lifespan of goods will be given to individuals, businesses and institutions.

The Reuse month relies strongly on the idea that repair and secondary use are essential to protecting the environment and they are important skills to foster. Together, they allow for the considerable increase of the shelf life of products that would otherwise end up in the bin and therefore – create unnecessary waste. An good example could be given with fashion, an industry that arguably exceeds aviation and shipping’s combined contributions to climate change.

This year’s edition of the traditional event wants to stimulate people to take personal actions to fight climate change by taking care of and valuing their personal belongings, as a start. This is the first step on the path towards a circular economy and unlike the “take, make and waste” consumption models, it is more sustainable.

What is on the agenda?

In accordance with this understanding, the National Reuse Month, the Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI) and partners organise a whole list of activities throughout the country. Among them three flagship events - in Sligo (The Style Sessions, 12 October), Cork (Circular and Social Enterprises Helping our Climate, 24 October) and Athlone (Future Jobs & Skills for a Circular Economy, 29 October).

style sessions in Sligo

First of three flagship events - Sustainable Style Sessions in Sligo

Part of the programme are projects like the Upcycle Challenge which aims to highlight the importance of creative reuse for sustainability; Relove Fashion - a competition for schools; and of course – thematic exhibitions.

Details about the programme can be accessed via

As we wrote last year, the National Reuse Month teaches that by repurposing our items, buying pre-loved goods and simply sharing, instead of purchasing new tools, everyone can do a lot to reduce the quantities of the raw materials needed to manufacture and distribute the new items. Ultimately, this decreases the amount of waste generated, and cuts down on carbon emissions.



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