Larnaka in your Hands!, Source: Larnaca Municipality on Facebook

New application to facilitate the lives of Larnaca’s residents

New application to facilitate the lives of Larnaca’s residents

Larnaka in your Hands! allows users to stay informed of the latest news, report problems, and make online payments

Last week, the Municipality of Larnaca unveiled a new mobile application to facilitate the lives of residents and tourists in the Cypriot city. Named ‘Larnaka in your Hands!’, the app is fully compatible with both IOS and Android devices, ensuring that as many people as possible can benefit from the new digital product.

Stay informed and report problems

The application will allow inhabitants to stay up to date with the latest news and events in the municipality. In addition to this, Larnaka in your Hands! will help users discover points of interest and access useful telephone numbers and contact details. The new application will further facilitate the lives of residents by allowing them to pay fines, municipal taxes, and other fees online.

Larnaka in your handsLarnaka in your Hands (Source: Larnaca Municipality on Facebook)

Beyond this, users will also have the opportunity to submit suggestions and report problems to the municipality through the application. To make this process easier, Larnaka in your hands! will allow them to attach photographs and other documents that support their complaints and suggestions. It will then automatically transfer the submissions to the departments in charge of addressing the reports.

Becoming a smarter city

On its municipal website, the city shared that allowing citizens to submit their suggestions and complaints will help it have a “direct, up-to-date, and more accurate picture” of the problems that exist in the municipality. Subsequently, it will be able to address and resolve the issues more efficiently.

By developing and launching Larnaka in your Hands!, the Cypriot municipality takes an important step towards becoming a modern and smart city that utilises technology to make its services more accessible and easy to use. 



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