The new BudapestGO app will change the way citizens move in the city

New Budapest mobility app shows the power of digital solutions

New Budapest mobility app shows the power of digital solutions

The new app help commuters plan their route and purchase their tickets, but that is not all

Yesterday, Budapest’s public transport company Budapesti Közlekedési Központot also known as BKK announced the launch of a new mobility app. The app is called BudapestGO and it covers all of a traveller’s needs – from route planning to ticket purchasing.

The catch-all solution to urban mobility speaks to the power of digital public services when done right. Instead of using one app to plan routes, another to buy tickets and a third to buy seasonal passes for public transport – citizens and visitors will need only BudapestGO.

The next step in urban mobility offers - air travel

Transport authorities, however, do not see the app as ‘finished’, as they plan to add various new features related to travel. Judging by the announced short-term and long-term features, the app should become an absolute staple of commuting in and to Budapest.

One of these features, that is already available is the one checking traffic conditions, congestion and roadworks.

The app also allows users to buy tickets and save addresses so that planning routes will be faster. Likewise, one can buy tickets for flights going to Budapest, as well as long-distance buses to major Hungarian cities.

This makes it an ultimate traveller’s companion to every citizen of Budapest.

The BKK has also announced that time-based tickets will be available in the app from March. On top of that, it should also display elevation data for cyclists, so they know the most level route they can take.

In the long term, they plan to integrate parking features, as well as connections with ride-sharing services like electric scooters, taxis and bicycle routes.



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