Baden-Württemberg is promoting climate-friendly mobility habits

New drivers in Baden-Württemberg can win prizes in sustainable mobility lotto

New drivers in Baden-Württemberg can win prizes in sustainable mobility lotto

The campaign focuses on learner drivers to help shape mobility habits and push for a greater acceptance of car-sharing

Yesterday, the Ministry of Transport in Baden-Württemberg launched a new campaign promoting car-sharing that is expected to continue until the end of the year. The campaign is called ‘Neue Mobilität: bewegt nachhaltig’ (New Mobility: moves sustainably) and is focused on promoting the concept of using fewer cars, ferrying more people, more often as a means of turning the environmentally damaging personal vehicles into a sustainable concept.

One of the focal points of local authorities is to focus on new drivers, who have their permits but do not have cars yet, as they can be the prime users of any car-sharing application. The new drivers and driving schools will take part in a lottery and have the chance to receive exciting rewards for their participation in the campaign.

Climate-friendly mobility habits

The ‘New Mobility’ campaign in Baden-Württemberg has garnered the support of 16 car-sharing companies as well as all the main automotive associations in the state. Local authorities are trying to take advantage of the megatrends in digitalization, e-mobility and sharing services and consolidate them into one overarching idea – New Mobility.

To the administration in Baden-Württemberg, a combination of these trends is an opportunity to shift citizens' habits in a more sustainable, climate-friendly direction. This campaign has the potential to raise awareness of the available services and options, gaining enough popularity to garner mass appeal for the concept of car-sharing.

Transport Minister of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Hermann was quoted in a press release, saying: “Car sharing already is an attractive alternative. It must play a central role for the mobility of the future because we need fewer, but appropriately used cars for a better quality of life, climate protection and avoidance of traffic jams.”

The learner driver lotto

While in driving schools, learner drivers could take an optional course in car-sharing. The theoretical part and testing are provided by the Ministry of Transport while driving schools will provide practical courses in car-sharing.

In the practical part, driving instructors go through the process of a car-sharing booking with the learners in 15 minutes: from searching for a vehicle in the respective app to opening the vehicle to completing the booking.

Completing the voluntary course will make both the driving school and the learner drivers eligible to take part in the lotto. The winners will then be determined by a random draw.

Learner drivers have the chance to win a 75% reimbursement for the cost of their driver’s license as well as 150 Baden-Württemberg tickets. The hardest-working driving school, on the other hand, will receive a video commercial deal while those who rank second and third will receive an individually branded merchandise pack.

The Baden-Württemberg ticket is a state programme, offering rail tickets to families and groups of people at significantly reduced prices, to promote tourism. The price depends on the number of travellers: a ticket for one person for 24 euros and up to four people can ‘attach’ themselves to the additional ticket, paying six euros each.  



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