New hospital for 12 million euros in Bucharest, Source: Provita Group

New hospital for 12 million euros to see the light of day in Bucharest

New hospital for 12 million euros to see the light of day in Bucharest

It is set to open in the first quarter of 2022

The city of Bucharest will have a new multidisciplinary hospital. The investment is worth 12 million euros and it was announced in a press release on Monday, 19 April 2021.

Set on 11,000 square meters, the hospital will have 110 beds and seven operating rooms. Work on converting the office building into a hospital will begin in May. After the required modifications are completed, the opening is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

The hospital will have an oncology centre and will be the first oncology centre in Central and Eastern Europe to incorporate interventional pain management into the patient's care plan. The medical unit will be housed in an ex-office building. The building will offer easy reach to public transport and extensive parking, restaurants, shops and health clubs.

Innovative medical hub offering all the necessary treatments

The founder of the Provita investment group, Ovidiu Palea commented on the new project: "Through this investment, we will provide a complex multidisciplinary hospital, covering a wide range of medical and surgical specialities, through integrated medical services, one-stop clinical. All specialists are in the same location, the patient will have the continuity of the medical act, through a 360-degree approach, so that the time travelled from the symptom to the diagnosis and treatment plan is significantly reduced.”

In Bucharest, the Provita Group operates three medical centres, two imaging laboratories, an examination laboratory, and a wellness centre. The majority of the project's funding will come from the group's own assets, with the remainder coming from local lender Banca Transilvania. Immofinanz, an Austrian real estate firm, rented the hospital space to Provita Group. The lease deal has a period of 25 years, according to a separate press release released by Immofinanz.



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