New initiative to consolidate Valencia as a smart city

New initiative to consolidate Valencia as a smart city

Connecta VLCi will provide 194 municipal buildings with artificial intelligence for improved public service

The City Council of Valencia has launched Connecta VLCi project which aims to consolidate Valencia as a Smart City. The objective of the project  is to provide 194 municipal buildings with the artificial intelligence needed to improve the public services they offer. Its implementation is possible thanks to 50% co-funding by the Ministry of Economy and Business.

Intelligent services for satisfied customers and sustainable governance

Connecta VLCi previews the installation of internal and external environmental sensors in sports buildings, museums and monuments, markets and municipal schools. They will allow control of atmospheric and light pollution, temperature and humidity, and the consumption of energy and water, which shall ultimately lead to important financial savings. In addition, the installation of sensors will make it possible to start an environmental awareness platform in a hundred schools and a platform for people who sell in the municipal markets to offer their products online.

Regarding sports buildings, the new management platform will allow customers to make reservations, consult the activities offered, know how many people there are, the availability of spaces, etc. There will be 58 sensors that aim to guarantee economic and time savings for the users. Also, the 22 municipal museums and monuments will have a ticket sales platform and a dynamic system for visualizing content, as well as options related to augmented reality and geolocation.

The councillor for Digital Agenda and Electronic Administration, Pere Fuset stressed the importance of making the first steps of a project that will involve an investment of five million euros, which will provide artificial intelligence to 194 municipal buildings thereby improving the existing services and offering new ones, and enhancing the municipal sustainability and efficiency.

"The Connecta VLCi project is the second that earns significant funding, after the VLCi Impulse - with six million euros - continuing the progress of the digital agenda in Valencia", explained Fuset, who also recalled that The City Council's Smart City Office was awarded Best Public Administration Transformation project during the Aslan 2019 Congress in Madrid.



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