Minister François Bausch and Differdange Mayor Christiane Brassel-Rausch inaugurating the cycling route, Source: Government of Luxembourg

New intercity cycling connection links the whole southwest of Luxembourg

New intercity cycling connection links the whole southwest of Luxembourg

The route goes between Differdande and Niederkorn

Yesterday, authorities in Differdange, Luxembourg, inaugurated a new inter-city cycling route to the nearby town of Niederkorn. The route is 1.9 kilometres long and according to an official statement, it is a crucial part of southwest Luxembourg’s cycling infrastructure.

Currently, the Differdange-Niederkorn line helps to connect Esch-sur-Alzette, Belval, Differdange and Pétange into one continuous network of rural cycling. The route has the designation PC8 and is part of the Grand Duchy’s mobility strategy for 2035.

The cycling route

Sustainable mobility has been a major focus of Luxembourgish authorities, especially considering that it has one of the highest vehicle per capita ratios in the EU and one of the highest transport emissions per capita ratios.

This has provoked the government to take serious measures to curb the appeal of personal vehicles, including making public transport free, with some routes even connecting to neighbouring France. Additionally, taking a page from Germany, the city of Luxembourg has started introducing traffic-slowed streets where bikes have the right of way.

The Diffedange-Niederkkorn route is supposed to connect existing intercity cycling routes and offer more connectivity to commuters, giving better sustainable travel options. It is 1.9 kilometres long and features an overpass over the rail line between the two cities.  

Construction of the route began in 2020 and cost around 4.25 million euros. The route starts at Parc de la Chiers located in Differdange and follows the rail line until it reaches the centre of Niederkorn.

The new route was inaugurated by Luxembourg’s Minister for Mobility and Public Works, François Bausch as well as the mayor of Differdange, Christiane Brassel-Rausch.

Minister Bausch was quoted in a press statement, explaining that the new infrastructure can help foster a rebound for cycling tourism, as well as improve the quality of life for locals. Additionally, he pointed out that so far half of all projects in the PC8 cycling route have been completed.  



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