Felipe VI Park with skylights and dome visible, Source: Hectorlgg7 on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

New park that is also a bus-station roof opened in Logroño

New park that is also a bus-station roof opened in Logroño

It is named after Spain’s current king – Felipe VI

Yesterday, 2 March, Parque Felipe VI in the Spanish city of Logroño was officially unveiled by Mayor Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, as reported by the municipal website. It is part of a long-running project which sought to beautify the area which was covered by railway tracks and divided two neighbourhoods. Now there is an architecturally designed green public space that serves to unite the area and provide residents with a much-needed place for leisure and relaxation.

What is interesting is that underneath the park there is a bus terminal and part of the park is covering the dome of the said underground station. The total area of the park is 27 322 square metres divided into three sections: the dome, the roof above the terminal and the West Park.

The new park combines creative thought with greenery and circularity

Felipe VI Park is located in the southern part of the city and as it was explained in a speech by the mayor its design and construction fully respond to contemporary standards of circularity and sustainable urban planning.

During its implementation, it was highlighted, low-impact materials, such as stabilized sand, have been used to cover the footpaths. Likewise, it boasts a modern ‘sponge’ drainage system that prevents flooding and collects rainwater for reuse.

That being said, special attention has also been paid to the planting of local shrubs and grasses in order to boost biodiversity. These plants are quite sturdy and do not require much water. The park is also equipped with a 1200 m3 pond with a footbath area.

Along the main path, there are interesting small cylindrical towers, which in reality serve as skylights for the bus station located underneath them. The park also has two types of benches – one made of wood and featuring triangular shapes and the other made of steel.

City Hall will soon also install video cameras throughout the park in order to prevent incidents of vandalism and ensure security.

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