New pier unveiled in Karlova Ves

New pier unveiled in Karlova Ves

It was recently opened to local water sports clubs and citizens

Local authorities of the Bratislava district of Karlova Ves recently had the pleasure of inaugurating a brand new dock in the area. Located right next to the bay on Botanická Street, the new edifice will be entirely operated by local authorities – much to the dismay of the many businesses who were eager to get their hands on the lucrative plot of land – as stated by Karlova Ves spokeswoman Dana Čahojová, the area was not rented to anyone, because the government wants it to remain open to the public.

“In the last decades, many sports grounds have been irretrievably lost in Bratislava. The cycling velodrome disappeared, and many football fields were also the victims of development activities. Watersports sport is also in acute danger”, she stated in the press release.

Cultural and community importance of the new venue

The mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo reiterated the local government’s commitment to promoting sports in the city, stating that boating sports are an intrinsic part of the capital’s culture and history. As an example of his administration’s commitment, he pointed to the fact that it had signed a myriad of memoranda and agreements with different sporting clubs that focus on the Danube and the many opportunities the river offers.

To make the new venue even more appealing to local and organizations,  the  Karlova Ves shipyard will be outfitted to the satisfaction of any passerby – it will boast an indoor fitness centre, dressing rooms, warehouses, a café, perfect for socializing with your fellow enthusiasts and of course, a summer terrace – a great place for sunbathing when the climate allows for it.

The architects of the shipyard were also quick to point out that the building has been made perfectly secure from any possible disasters which might occur on the Danube – e.g. they have done their best to secure the venue from any kind of flooding.



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