“Education for Sustainable Development” will bring environmental actors together in Saxony-Anhalt

New platform in Saxony-Anhalt connects environment and education

New platform in Saxony-Anhalt connects environment and education

"Education for Sustainable development" will help stakeholders in finding non-formal education partners

In Saxony-Anhalt, a new platform, called “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD), has been introduced. The platform will put partners together with others searching for non-formal education. To that end, the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, and Energy has developed this online offer and advice platform as a contribution to the implementation of the UNESCO World Action Program, the National ESD Action Plan and the Saxony-Anhalt Sustainability Strategy.

It will also provide information on all issues relating to education for sustainable development, and equipped with a map display it can filter and find available educational offers.

The ESD institutions can network via the portal and maintain even better contacts with one another. The ESD coordination office is available to the providers for all central questions, especially those regarding certification. The coordination office also provides materials for further training.

"Anyone looking for opportunities for education for sustainable development will find what they are looking for on our new website. The platform brings the players together and bundles the diverse offers in our country. I am pleased that the portal is now starting with the first 59 offers from 11 institutions. From now on it will grow,” said Environment Minister Prof. Dr. Claudia Dalbert.

Connecting all regional environmental actors

The platform is another step toward realising the regional mission of "Education for Sustainable Development in Saxony-Anhalt". Interested stakeholders may use a registration form to submit their offers for publication. Participation in the ESD portal is entirely optional and cost-free for ESD providers.

Furthermore, there is already about one million euros of funding for initiatives which pursue the implementation of the country's development policy targets. Non-profit clubs and societies, as well as municipalities, may register for funds for sustainable development education under the “Sustainability Education” criteria.

The grant will cover up to 85 percent of eligible expenditures. Pilot or model ventures are exempt from the annual funding rate. A donation of at least 8,000 euros is needed. The State Administration Office is the approval body. The deadline for next year's applications is 30 September 2021.



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