Nicosia invites you to an interactive treasure hunt

Nicosia invites you to an interactive treasure hunt

“Let’s share Nicosia” will be held on Saturday

A cultural treasure hunt within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme “Digital Invasions” for the promotion of cultural heritage, invites curious adventure lovers to discover more of the city of Nicosia. “Let’s share Nicosia" is the motto of the event and it will be held this Saturday, 19th October 2019.

Leventis Municipal Museum is organising this interactive treasure hunt in cooperation with Nicosia Municipality. The treasure hunt will use modern influences to engage its participants.  

Individuals, groups and families with children can take part in this unique possibility to discover and share selfies of emblematic cultural sites in the historic centre of Nicosia. Seven historic photographs from the Archives of the Leventian Municipal Museum of Nicosia will be the key to the search within the city. The time of the start is 10.30 АМ. The starting point and final destination will be the Leventis Municipal Museum. Participation is free.


  • The photo must be published on Saturday 19 or Sunday 20 October and should be taken during the day and time of the Digital Invasion;
  • The photo must contain the following hashtags: #DIGINV #DIGINVCyprus #DIGINVNicosia;
  • The counting of reactions/likes will take place on Tuesday 22 October;
  • The winner will be the profile owner whose photo will receive the biggest number of likes.

Digital Invasions for the promotion of cultural heritage

The aim of the project is to valorize cultural interest and practices by involving citizens, cultural institutions and using technology in order for citizens to experience culture in a new way.

The project consortium includes partners from Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Malta, Croatia and Hungary. The cultural operators from Cyprus are the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, the Pierides Museum-Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, the Larnaka Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth, Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum and Pocket Theater.



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